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Elevate Your Solar Sales with Westhaven Power: Become an
Elite Solar Partner Today!

Join Forces with a Partner You Can Trust for Quality Installations, Timely Payouts and Satisfied Clients!


High Quality Installations


Faster Payouts


Trusted Reputation


Blueprint to 20 Installs
Per Month


Protect Your Success:
The Risks of Not Partnering with
Westhaven Power


Delayed Commissions

Without Westhaven Power’s efficiency and reliability, sales partners often face delayed commission payouts. This lag not only affects your financial stability but also hinders your ability to plan and grow your revenue effectively.


Unsatisfied Customers

Choosing a less capable solar installation partner could lead to unsatisfied customers due to subpar installation quality or lackluster customer service. This

directly reflects on you as the consultant, potentially harming your customer relationships and future referral opportunities.


Dwindling Reputation

Your reputation in the solar industry hinges significantly on the performance and reliability of the installation company you partner with. Aligning with a less reputable or inexperienced company can result in poor installation quality, customer complaints, and negative reviews, all of which can tarnish your professional image.

Unlock Your Potential with Westhaven:
Where Partners Thrive

Prompt Commission Payments

Benefit from Westhaven Power's swift commission payouts. Our efficient and reliable payment system ensures that your hard work is rewarded on time, every time, enhancing your financial stability.

Satisfied Customer Base

Join a team that prides itself on customer satisfaction. Our streamlined installation process and exceptional service ensure happy customers, contributing to your positive reputation and more referral business.

Supportive Partnership

Experience a supportive environment that values your contribution. Westhaven Power is not just an installation outfit; we're a partner invested in your success, offering resources and support to help you thrive in the solar industry.

We Care About Your Customers,
Where Partners Thrive Here's
What They Have to Say:

Matt, Oregon House

“Westhaven installed our new system in one day. The installation was clean, professional and the installers seemed to enjoy not only the job, but the company they

worked for.” 

Brian, Arbuckle

“These guys are professional, courteous, and up-front about everything. Colby was first up on the roof who identified and photographed cracked tiles and fixed them. Jason kept me up to speed throughout the installation and answered all the queries I had.” 

Christina, Plumas Lake

"The communication was great throughout the entire process, with status updates. The installation team was amazing and took the time to answer the questions I had. They also answered the questions I didn't

know I had!"

Samantha, Danville, CA

The Westhaven team demonstrated attention to detail. Not only did they install a system that looks amazing, but they treated my home with the utmost care and respect. It's clear they prioritize quality in both their work and customer interactions. Highly recommend!


Your Path to Solar Excellence:
A Simple Three-Step Journey

1. Schedule

A Chat

Begin your journey towards success by scheduling a chat with us. In this initial conversation, we'll explore the potential of our partnership, discuss your goals, and see how our values align. This is the first step in establishing a relationship built on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. It's your opportunity to ask questions, understand our processes, and get a feel for how we work.




Once we've established our mutual fit, the next step is to get you onboarded seamlessly. Our onboarding process is designed to be efficient and informative, ensuring you have all the tools, knowledge, and support needed to excel. We'll introduce you to our systems, procedures, and the Westhaven way of doing things. Our goal is to make this transition smooth, so you can quickly start making an impact.




With the chat completed and onboarding process under your belt, you're ready to start prospering. As a Westhaven partner, you'll have access to our extensive resources, continuous support, and a network of professionals. We are committed to your growth and success, and we're excited to see you achieve and exceed your goals. It's time to start building your portfolio, earning robust commissions, and delivering excellence to every customer. Welcome to the path of prosperity with Westhaven Power.


See A Personal Message from Our CEO,
Brett Joerger:


Schedule Your Chat: 
Let's Embark on the Path to Solar
Excellence Together

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