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Experts in solar so that you don't have to be.


Comprehensive design for maximum efficiency. 


Highest trained  craftspeople to execute a flawless installation. 


Futureproof systems that are battery ready.


A focus on aesthetics to achieve a beautiful system that matches your home. 


Industry leading warranties including the proprietary PowerGuard™


A focus on aesthetics. 

Have you ever spotted one of those solar systems that just looks awful on the home? Unfortunately we've all seen it. The good news? This is completely avoidable. During the design faze we keep a close eye on the current aesthetics of your home and aim to complement your homes beautiful appearance with a system that matches it. When you get a system that looks like it belongs, you maintain your resale value and add to the overall appearance. Of course the final design is yours to approve before we move forward with anything. 

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Comprehensive Design

When you have an inefficient design, money gets wasted. Just as important as flawless aesthetics is getting the perfect design to allow your system to operate at its maximum potential. When you spend your hard earned money on a solar system it needs to provide results. You will not get those results without an expertly designed system by an engineering team that actually cares. 

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Highly Trained Craftspeople

The worst thing that can happen when installing solar, is getting a crew that's not highly trained and heavily invested. At Westhaven, we have only inhouse journeymen electricians and craftsman to that are highly trained. They take pride in their work and executing flawlessly on the perfect design that was given to them. They are here to serve you at the highest level with a smile, and treat your home with the same care as their own. 

Futureproof Solar Systems

Getting a solar system not built with tomorrow in mind is a complete waste of time and money. When you get your solar system from Westhaven Power, you get a system that takes the future into consideration. Your system will be compatible with the battery solutions out today, and tomorrow. We are constantly thinking twenty years down the road in power delivery, so that you don't have to. 

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Industry Leading Warranties

At the end of the day, solar is a technology and things happen. You don't only need a robust warranty, but a true power production guarantee. Many will claim to give you a power production guarantee but don't put it in writing. With the proprietary Power Guard™ you can rest assured that you will get every bit of power you have paid for. We put it in writing and put our money where our mouth is. 

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