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Helping You Achieve More Energy Freedom

An award-winning, ultra-reliable energy solution provider, Westhaven Inc. began in the Westhaven community of Humboldt County, California, in the early 2000s and has worked on home energy optimization every since. As your dedicated Power A.L.I. with over 500 years of combined experience, we are committed to providing your family with whole-home solar, battery energy storage, backup generators, roofing, and HVAC services. 

Servicing Northern California, our corporate office is located in the heart of Yuba City, California, with division locations in Humboldt and Bay Area, including Arcata, Tracy, and Vacaville.











THE power TEAM

Brett Joerger

Chief Executive Officer

Brett is the chief executive officer of ultra-reliable energy solution provider, Westhaven Inc. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he is a visionary leader with proven skills across multiple facets of the trade. He understands team engagement and builds world-class teams, who are dedicated to excellent customer service. His passion to empower a mission-focused culture and provide more energy independence, has proven to deliver strong results, powering one home at a time.

When he’s not in the office, he enjoys the company of his family and Haven, a dog he rescued who has become the mascot of Westhaven.

Jeff McCaffrey

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff is the chief operating officer at Westhaven Inc., where he manages the operations of the company and ensures that all processes function optimally and efficiently. With his executive leadership experience, he brings coaching opportunities and extended structure to the company, enhancing all facets of the business, ensuring a clear focus for each and every department.

Outside of Westhaven, he spends time with his family, enjoying nature, hikes, and the sustainable garden in his backyard.

Mark Sargent

Chief Financial Officer

Mark is the chief financial executive officer of Westhaven Inc., and is responsible for the financial operations of the company. He ensures the company continues to grow and operates efficiently from a financial standpoint. As a firm believer in the pursuit of solar power as a viable solution to the current power grid reliance, he believes it is a noble one that benefits a lot of people. 

On his free time outside of work, he performs with two local bands all around the Sacramento valley, in addition to golf. When he can, he loves to hang out with his wife, daughter, and friends doing the little things in life such as grilling and enjoying each other’s company.

Akash Singh

Chief Information Officer

Akash is the chief information officer, who is at the heart of everything related to data and technology. His knack for learning, problem-solving, automation, and data collection, enables a digital experience for both the customers and employees that drives business outcomes.

On the weekends when he is not tinkering with his tech gadgets, he spends quality time with his wife and daughter.



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