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Since we were founded, our company and brand has evolved and expanded. But one thing has stayed the same: our commitment to excellence and our mission to break the mold.


As we continue to grow and evolve, we hope you come along for the ride. Don’t miss out on this journey, a unique chance for you to join us towards greater grid liberation with our brand in a whole new way. Book your free appointment today to reserve your home energy system, Power A.L.I.2.

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Uniquely designed to meet home energy needs today, the intelligent system generates and stores cleaner energy - all without propane or natural gas. Through intelligent controls, the system is your POWER A.L.I. 2 #GRIDLIBERATION, enabling your household to skip power shutdowns, outages, and peak rates.

  • Compact Size & Clean Installation - The compact and lightweight batteries can be easily wall-mounted or floor-standing for both indoor and outdoor applications. The inverter connections have also been simplified, reducing installation time and costs.

  • Powerful Performance - Featuring industry-leading continuous power the stackable technology provides durability ensuring 80% of capacity retention after 10 years.

  • Proven Safety - From the same technology that has proven to safely power the automotive battery, all products are certified in relevant global standards.

Compact Size & Clean Installation

Powerful Performance

Proven Safety



No supply chain issues. Ready for installation upon permitting completion.


Self-Generated Power - perfect for EV charging. With solar, safely maximize the savings from existing solar power systems (if you have SolarEdge or Enphase) and enjoy even more days of continuous power. Be powerful 24/7, 365 days of the year.

For homeowners who are still dependent on the grid, installing solar plus battery will enable your home to manage its power usage throughout the day and night. Harvesting lower-cost, cleaner energy (if you have solar), when TOU prices are lowest, and store it for use when the rates are higher, this is known as "peak shaving." 


Goodbye peak rates, power outages, and 12-hour Public Safety Power Shutdowns. For more power, stack up additional batteries.

*Note: Installation times may vary depending on jurisdictions and permitting processing times during COVID-19 circumstances.













Voted "Best of Yuba-Sutter,""Best of Humboldt," and ranked by Solar Power World's editors as a Top Solar Contractor in the United States.  We are one of the best, ultra-reliable energy providers, bringing energy systems, battery storage, and generators to homes and businesses in all of Northern California. This includes Eureka-Humboldt, Redding-Chico, Sacramento-Roseville, San Francisco Bay Area, North, South, and East Bay - in addition to Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Tracy,  San Jose, and Walnut Creek.

We design accurate projects in minutes, estimating energy production estimates you can trust. With our advanced engineering, we create detailed designs that are NEC-compliant and expedite the permitting processes.*

Phone and virtual appointments. Contactless installations. 

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*Note: Some processes may take longer than 2-4 weeks depending on the county's jurisdictions during COVID-19 times.


 Matt W., Oregon House

“Westhaven installed our new system in one day. The installation was clean, professional and the installers seemed to enjoy not only the job, but the company they worked for.” 

Brian C., Arbuckle

“These guys are professional, courteous, and up-front about everything. Colby was first up on the roof who identified and photographed cracked tiles and fixed them. Jason kept me up to speed throughout the installation and answered all the queries I had.” 

Christina M., Plumas Lake

"The communication was great throughout the entire process, with status updates. The installation team was amazing and took the time to answer the questions I had. They also answered the questions I didn't know I had!"


During this time of uncertainty, if there's one thing I leave you with, it's a cleaner and more sustainable world in harmony. 🌍


Now, let's shape our future together. 


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