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Kevin W.—homeowner located in Crescent City, California.


Kevin and his family were spending upwards of $450 each month on utility bills through Pacific Power. Due to the high and sometimes unpredictable cost swing, he became interested in energy independence as way to not only have more control over their energy usage, but to also reduce the impact high utility bills were having on his overall family budget.


Kevin believed “going green” could help reduce the family’s utility bills while also allowing them to be more mindful of how much energy they were consuming. Westhaven Power was the only utility company in the area willing to come out to his home and make the installation. Unlike other companies, Westhaven Power was able to install the full system within one day.



As a result, Kevin's family has not had a utility bill in over four years! Overall, he claims the peace of mind, reduced energy usage, and feeling of energy independence has been well worth the investment. In addition, he has appreciated the company’s reliable and trustworthy customer service approach. When Kevin called Westhaven Power with issues related to the micro-inverters, the company shipped 35 new microinverters and replaced them for free, and also reimbursed the electricity he would have generated during that time.


  • Two Tesla battery storage packs

  • Solar panel system

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