A 1 hour virtual workshop.

Hosted by Westhaven Power CEO,  Brett Joerger. Discover if solar is right for you. 

Without the sales pitch and half truths.

Presented by

Brett Joerger


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6:00PM PST

What you will discover inside this workshop.

You'll Discover the 3 MOST Important factors in getting a solar system that provides you with results, and not remorse. 

secret #1


Discover what all utility

companies are absolutely

terrified about you knowing...


secret #2


Unlock the simple knowledge

that will give you access to

nearly infinite energy. 


secret #3


Effortlessly put it all together

and get maximum results with the piece of mind that comes with a full money back guarantee.


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About your presenter. 

Brett Joerger - Visionary, CEO

Brett Joerger here. I'm extremely proud that my wife and family, are now able to pursue their dream. That was my goal, that was my objective, that they could do in life without compromise, the thing that drives them. Not just their passion, but with a sense of purpose. I do the same thing for all of my clients, because I was looking for that purpose, but I found my answers. I learned a skillset that was very unique, and that was the art of harvesting all the power you need with the free energy of the sun.

I've been practicing for 25 years, and as a result, I've been able to develop a bulletproof process with guaranteed results that can be delivered to any home. Im proud of myself because I’ve been able to impact over 7 thousand homes that have saved homeowners millions of dollars that they get to spend on family and loved ones instead of sending it to a utility company. I haven’t had a single failure yet.

This webinar is my way of giving back. I so look forward to sharing my life's work with you, a life's work that is transferable, a life's work that is duplicable, a life's work that will enable you to stop the writing of checks that don’t need to be written, to get ahead, to do everything in your power to gain an edge. There's something you believe in, so that you can touch millions of other lives on this planet while you're here. I can think of nothing that I would rather do than give you.

I'm Brett Joerger, speaker and author, a CEO, with 25 years of under fire experience. Family man, and I know this will be hard for you to believe, but I would love to gift you my life's work. I can’t wait to see you on this webinar, and share these gifts with you. 

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