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Greg S.—homeowner located in Chico, California.


With Chico often reaching triple digits and averaging between 95 and 100 degrees—even getting as high as 117 which set the record in 1972, Greg was looking for a more cost-effective and reliable power solution. With the constant heat during the summer months, he found himself running the air conditioning regularly to keep his home comfortable – this put a consistent and significant strain on his utility bill each month. Greg needed a smarter way to be able to run the AC without breaking the bank.


In the neighborhood where Greg resides, several other homeowners have added solar to their homes in order to help mitigate their rising utility bills in the summer months. Following his neighbors’ positive experiences and results of working with Westhaven Power for the installation and maintenance, Greg decided to outfit his home with Westhaven Power’s Panasonic Solar 8.25 kWH panel system. 



Westhaven Power provided Greg with a system that addressed his needs and allowed him to save hundreds of dollars a month on this utility bill. In addition, he has been thrilled with the ongoing customer service that the company provides. In the two years since Greg installed the panels, this exceptional customer service has continued with ongoing system performance optimization, ensuring that his home has the maximum uptime. 


Panasonic Solar Panels—8.25 kWH

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