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Bob F.—homeowner located in Vacaville, California.


With an average high temperature of 96 degrees, Bob was searching for a long-term solution to reduce utility costs. The endless running of his AC to keep his home cool greatly increased his utility bill. Bob needed a more reliable, lower-cost power solution that would allow him to control how and when he used his HVAC unit without having to worry. 


Solar was a family affair as his son was the first to install solar power. With his son’s thorough research and highly positive recommendation of Westhaven Power, Bob took his advice and had his home outfitted with SunPower solar panels (which has been a discontinued offering at the company since). The company attracted their attention because of its competitive pricing, comprehensive customer service, and seamless installation process.



Westhaven Power installed a system that addressed Bob's need and greatly reduced his monthly utility bill—saving him several hundreds of dollars a month. Additionally, he was impressed with the ongoing customer service he received even after the sale was complete. The company provided Bob with continued system performance optimization and PoWr Guard, a power protection guarantee. The Westhaven Power team simply went above and beyond to help Bob get his system up-and-running and operating at the highest level. 


SunPower panels

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