Most Homeowners Pay Too Much For Electricity

At Westhaven Power We Solve This With Solar Energy Systems. So You Can Have More Money Every Month To Do The Things You Want To Do.

Our Heart Breaks When We See People Struggle With


Ultra High Electricity

Electricity Bills have increased more than 10% per year since 2004, mainly to repair the broken and dangerous utility grid. A home solar system saves money every month and reduces grid impact. 


Low Quality Systems
and Designs

There are too many non experts in solar right now that are willing to take your money and not deliver results. 


Systems Provided by 
Dishonest Solar Brokers

There is too much conflicting information about solar, and it makes it difficult to know if you're making the right decision. This information comes typically from solar brokers that are non experts trying to get a quick sale. 

You Don't Have to be Confused Anymore...

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Affordable Electricity

All of our systems come with power production guarantees so you know you are getting a lifetime of affordable electricity. 

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High Quality Craftsmanship

We take pride in providing cutting edge training to all of our craftspeople. They are the ones that build our expert designs.

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Honesty and Integrity 

We treat your home as our home. We make sure you have full clarity on your results so your household saves money to do the things you want to do.

Hear From One Of Our Clients

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We Know What It Feels Like To Pay For Expensive 
Electricity Bills Every Month

The Utility company raising its rates year over year does not help our customer's bank accounts. It hurts to write a check for expensive electricity bills month over month when there is a better solution.


5000 +

Customers Served

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500 +

Combined Years 
of Experience

3 Yrs

in a row, voted Best
Solar Company 

The Three Step Plan for Your Solar System

The Design

Schedule your visit and review your results. Gain absolute clarity on the potential savings your home has with solar. You will have no doubts about what is possible. 


The Installation

Our expert and courteous technicians build your solar system at your convenience. Feel free to say hi to our technicians, they will brighten your day!

The Savings

Our guaranteed results from our power production guarantee. 

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About Us

At Westhaven Power we know you are the kind of person that wants to be independent and free to use all the power you want at an affordable price. In order to be that way you need a reliable solar energy system that has guaranteed results. The problem is, it’s difficult to know who is an expert, and who can guarantee the results which makes you hesitant to move forward with just anyone. We believe an honest explanation of guaranteed results with a credible history of expert installations will solve this problem. We understand high electric bills and a failing grid create uncertainty and a feeling of being taken advantage of. That’s why we have designed a simple and proven three step process to design your system, install it and deliver you guaranteed savings. Here’s how it works: Give us a call or click here to schedule an appointment so you can put an end to those high electricity bills and not have the worry of choosing a non expert provider so you can start your life of living with power abundance and tremendous savings month after month, year after year. 

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